June 12, 2021

PICK N’ ROLL $50K JACKPOT: Harris, Young, More

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To help you out, here are the eight questions for Sunday’s NBA games, along with my breakdown and picks.

#1 76ERS POINTS: 101-107

0-100, 101-107, 108-112, 113-117, 118-122, 123-129 or 130+

The Wizards allowed the 76ers to score 124.0 points per game in the first round and a Game 1 versus Atlanta potentially with or without Joel Embiid is tough. The Hawks limited the Knicks to 97.0 points per game over five games.

The 76ers have scored 94, 126 and 127 points in three meetings this season. I will back the 76ers to surpass 100 points, but not by much.

My Pick: 76ers 101-107 Points


0-7, 8, 9-10, 11, 12-13 or 14+

The 76ers shot 37.7% from deep against the Wizards in the first-round and 11.2 makes per game. Philly, on the regular-season, ranks right around those numbers, so I will ride the wave but take one less triple at 9-10 three-pointers made.

My Pick: 76ers 9-10 Made Threes


0-19, 20-22, 23, 24-25, 26 or 27+

Philly’s assist numbers mainly rely on what Ben Simmons is doing and lately, he has averaged 9.2 per game. Simmons has accounted for nearly 30% of the 76ers’ assists in the first round and he had 11 combined in two games.

I will back the 76ers to get fewer assists against the Hawks, around their regular-season average of 23.7.

My Pick: 76ers 24-25 Assists


0-3, 4-5, 6, 7-8 or 9+

Philly has ranked top two in the regular-season and postseason in blocks per game at 6.2 and 7.2. Atlanta has averaged 6.8 blocks in the playoffs, so we could see a back and forth swat fest or defensive battle between the two squads.

The 76ers went for 10 or more blocks in two of three versus the Hawks this season. So I will ride that again in Game 1 of the Semis.

My Pick: 76ers 9+ Blocks


0-6, 7-8, 9, 10-11 or 12+

The 76ers have averaged at least 8.6 steals in the regular-season and postseason this year. With Embiid out, the 76ers are becoming more defensive orientated with more ball movement on offense.

Philly average 8.6 steals per game in the playoffs and grabbed 2, 8 and 10 against the Hawks this season. I will back the 76ers to grab 12+ as they will feed off the Philly crowd.

My Pick: 76ers 12+ Steals


0-102, 103-108, 109-113, 114-118, 119-123, 124-128 or 129+

The Hawks averaged 104.0 points per game versus the Knicks, one of the toughest defensive teams in the league. Atlanta scored 83, 104 and 112 points in three meetings this season with Philly.

If Embiid is out, I will ride with the Hawks to score 109-113 points. If he does play, I will lower that to 103-108 points.

My Pick: Hawks 109-113 Points


0-81, 82-87, 88-92, 93-95, 96-101 or 102+

Both teams are top six in the postseason with 44-plus rebounds per game. The two teams combined for 90 per game when it comes to averages, but they totaled 93, 96 and 108 rebounds in all three meetings.

I will take Philly and Atlanta to record 96-101 rebounds while I lean the 102+ in what should be an aggressive and defensive Game 1.

My Pick: Hawks and 76ers 96-101 Total Rebounds


76ers or Hawks? 1-2, 3, 4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 or 11+

This line depends on whether or not Joel Embiid is playing, but if he is out, I will side with the Hawks to win by 5-6 points in an upset.

If Embiid plays, this is a 1-4 point win for the 76ers, in my opinion. As of now, I will ride with the Hawks by 5-6 points.

My Pick: Hawks 5-6 Points

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