June 12, 2021

A week after 1st challenged, Lamar Jackson still catching punts at practice

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SEE IT: Lamar Jackson catching punts at practice originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Picture this: Baltimore is down double digits in the fourth quarter of the 2021-22 AFC Divisional game. They need a spark from anywhere they can get it, and sophomore linebacker Patrick Queen just made a tackle for a loss to force a punt. 

Then, out trots Ravens’ MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson. 

Sure, it’s unlikely to happen, especially considering the injury risks involved with 10 200-pound special teamers rushing down the field trying to clobber him. On the flip side, though, Jackson’s playmaking ability in the open field is unrivaled at any position. 

In either case, Jackson was photographed fielding punts at Baltimore’s Tuesday practice once again. It comes a week removed from when veteran safety Anthony Levine Sr. challenged his quarterback to catch some punts before practice. 

Catching a punt that goes hundreds of feet in the air and changes direction multiple times all the while playing tricks on your eyes isn’t just a difficult task, it’s an art. Punt returners pride themselves in making that catch cleanly after lots of practice and Jackson just comes out there and does it effortlessly. 

So quarterback, wide receiver and now punt returner. Is there anything he can’t do? 

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