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How Brexit will affect Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal’s January transfers | Football | Sport

“The rules now cover any overseas player because we are now no longer members of the EU. If you’re a French player then you need a visa. Pre-Brexit, you didn’t,” the lawyer explains.  

“The rules haven’t got tighter but they are now just applicable to every [overseas] player, not just those without an EU passport. It doesn’t matter whether you’re French, American or Canadian, you need a visa to work in the UK.” 

The difference with the January 2021 window is that there was an appeals panel for players who scored within 10-14 points. That no longer exists.  

What is the process of applying for a Governing Body Endorsement? 


The process of applying is straightforward because clubs will have already calculated the points a potential signing has.  

Clubs identify a player they want to sign and then send the GBE forms to the FA for approval.  

“The player has to be able to score 15 points. That is what they need to be awarded the GBE,” the lawyer continues. “The player will automatically be granted a GBE if he is an established international player.  

“That is no different from what the rules were previously. If you’re playing regularly for a national team then, depending on the ranking of the national team, let’s say if the team was ranked on average in the top 50 over the last two years, there’s no problem.  

“For players who are not established internationals, they score points based on the league they are coming from and there are bands of leagues.  

“You go from Band One which is the top leagues, and then down to Band Six. In Band One you have the Bundesliga, LaLiga and the rest of the top European leagues. You score more points for coming from a league in Band One.  

“Band Two covers the top leagues in Brazil, for example, so you will score more points if you come from the top league in Brazil than you would if you were coming from the top league in Denmark because Denmark is in Band Four.  

“So, when you think about it, it is now harder for a player to come from Denmark than possibly from Brazil.”

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