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Taylor Lewan tells hilarious stories about a very confident Blaine Gabbert tossing INTs

The Tennessee Titans signed quarterback Blaine Gabbert in 2018 to be the backup to fellow signal-caller Marcus Mariota, and in his time with the team Gabbert wasn’t short on confidence.

On a recent episode of “Bussin’ With The Boys,” (warning: NSFW language), Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan shared a hilarious story about Gabbert coming into games and showing supreme confidence, only to toss an interception shortly after.

“It was like at Indianapolis and Marcus [Mariota] gets hurt so [Gabbert] comes in, he goes, ‘boys, I’m about to dice these kids up, just watch.’ We call a three-step drop, and it’s real quick and I go for the cut, I miss my cut, and I roll on my back and I’m looking at Blaine like ‘get the [expletive] ball out of your hands.’ Throws it right in Darius Leonard’s chest. And it’s just like ‘dude, you just said you were going to dice these kids up, what the [expletive].’ I’m like on my ass just watching him take it all the way.”

Loving Blaine Gabbert confidence-to-interception stories? It gets better in Lewan’s next one about the backup quarterback playing in the Week 17 win-and-in game against the Indianapolis Colts in 2018.

“I think Marcus got hurt again or something happened, and Blaine was like ‘you boys just hold them up, watch daddy sling it.’ And, hey, first couple of plays, alright, OK. Pick-six. I was like ‘[expletive] dude, you’ve got to stop saying that.’”

Daddy… I mean, Gabbert, played just one season for the Titans before moving on to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he remains as the backup to Tom Brady.


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