Tyson Fury admits he was “a proper idiot” after kicking taxi on boozy night out

World heavyweight champion Fury announced his retirement back in April, and during a celebratory holiday with family was seen kicking out at a cab on a drunken night out

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Tyson Fury furious with taxi after being refused ride

Tyson Fury has admitted his outburst at a French taxi driver on holiday was “stupid” after footage emerged of him kicking a cab.

The world heavyweight champion was celebrating in France with his family when he was refused to be taken home by a taxi driver during a drunken night out. Fury was seen being taken away by his dad before kicking at the taxi in a video that went viral on social media.

And speaking with the Queensberry Promotions YouTube channel, Fury admitted that he was a “proper idiot” during the incident. “I’ve been enjoying my life, have a few beers, kick a couple of taxis, I’m sure we’ve all seen that,” he joked. “I’ve enjoyed myself, I’ve been abroad and acted like a proper idiot abroad as we all do.

“I’ve been back in Morecambe Bay and I’ve been to Miami doing things and stuff so I’m very happy, but I’m working every day to keep myself busy.

Tyson Fury kicked out at the taxi in France

“Every idiot Brit abroad with a few beers in them, that’s what we do. Who here has never been on holiday, got p***ed up and acted a real mug? Everyone I know’s done it. I’m not some programmed robot that gets told what to say and what to do. I’m as real as waking up in the morning, having your breakfast and putting your shoes on. There’s no scripted scenes here. I’m sure it won’t be the last time, it wasn’t the first time.”

Fury has been entertaining the possibility of big money bouts with no winner announced after watching the success that the likes of Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather have had in recent years. The Brit has claimed that he is retired from the sport, but would be willing to come back for an unsanctioned exhibition.

And the world heavyweight champion has explained that his future plans involve an exhibition bout. He is eyeing up potential match-ups with Mike Tyson or UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, and expects that his next fight will take place in the UK.

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“We’ve got some very exciting news coming,” Fury said.” I think the world’s been waiting for a plan of action. We had a long conversation about lots of stuff and I’ll let Frank take it from here.”

Warren added: “We looked at a couple of scenarios and I’ve been working over the weekend, I spoke to Tyson over the weekend and we want to come up with something that Tyson wants to do. We spoke about maybe an exhibition bout, we don’t know. Something will come out and once Tyson is happy I’ll be happy.

“There’s obviously a lot of things to talk about and it goes without saying that the public will want to see Tyson Fury back in the ring where he’s the king. I get and understand where Tyson is and what he’s said. Who knows? sometimes people decide to retire and come back in a couple of years time.

“I like fellas to fight in their prime, and for me Tyson Fury is at his prime, I mean that performance last time out was something else. We’re going to have a good chat and I’m sure we’ll have some good news that we can announce fairly soon.”

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